The Traffic Ticket Law Firm helps clients get their their moving violations and DUIs dismissed.

The Challenge

Target Logic started working with the Traffic Ticket Law Firm (The Firm) in June of 2015 when their online efforts were driving a CPA of over $100 per call. They wanted to bring this price down significantly, and although by October they had managed to lower it to $69 per call, they still believed there was more room for improvement with the right insights.

They decided they needed improved data and insights on the origins and results of their phone leads in order to optimize their marketing spend and increase ROI.

The Solution

In November Target Logic partnered with ResponseTap in order to get the insights needed for further optimization.

They chose ResponseTap’s call marketing automation because of its easy set-up; for example they didn’t need to code every ad/keyword URL in Google AdWords as required by other call tracking services. This made for a faster and more cost-effective implementation with less ongoing maintenance and much lower chance of error.

The Results

Once ResponseTap was implemented and integrated with their other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and AdWords, realizing which raw searches triggered which keywords, and in turn which led to phone calls became easy.  As a result of this, they were able to concentrate marketing spend on those call-converting keywords and reduce marketing spend on the non-converting keywords.

Target Logic was also able to pinpoint the exact cost per conversion for every keyword bid on. As a result they lowered the bid on keywords that were costing too much to convert and so not generating a high enough ROI.  If lowering the bid did not work they changed the match type. For example, if the Broad match type cost too much they changed it to Broad Modifier, and if the Broad Modifier keyword was still above the $20/call conversion cost they changed it to Phrase match. If that was still too much to give a good ROI they changed it to Exact match.  Some converting keywords were moved to new ad groups for improved ad targeting.

By leveraging the insights provided by ResponseTap’s call tracking platform and making these changes Target Logic was able to reduce the Firm’s CPA even further, down to $19 from $69 per call, between November and February – that’s a 72% improvement in CPA!  In addition to this, by identifying the keywords that were converting to calls and placing more emphasis on those, the number of calls to the Firm has nearly tripled since first partnering with ResponseTap.