Ideation Session

Business owners often struggle to come up with new ideas for growth. Target Logic’s team solves this problem by offering fresh and creative solutions that will keep your company growing.

Stephen Gorgey, Target Logic’s founder has developed and implemented more than 1,000 strategies for companies large and small over the past 20 years.

Page Speed Optimization

Poor loading page scores on PageSpeed Insights will get your site’s rankings penalized by Google.

Target Logic’s proprietary SCORE 93 System will improve your rankings by getting your pages to score a 93% on Google page insights while maintaining Googles best practice standards.

Competition Research

The majority of business owners are too busy running their business to keep tab on what their competition is up to.

Target Logic’s team will monitor your competition’s marketing performance and provide you with intelligence reports and insights that will help you make better decisions so you keep outranking your competition

Sales Funnel Customization

Most business owners lack the expertise needed to develop a sales funnel that best fits their business model.

A customized sales funnel will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollar.

Target Logic has developed and implemented more than 1,000 sales funnels for companies big and small, resulting in delivering a 50-400% improved return on investment.

Messaging Optimization

Business owners often become so invested in their business that they lose perspective on how to clearly communicate their brand to their target audience.

Lack of clear and simple messaging will create confusion in the mins of their prospects, which in turn will result in a less than optimal performance.

Target Logic’s team will maximize the clarity of your marketing communication, so it resonates more effectively with your target audience and translates in much better performance.


Few business owners have the time and expertise to develop an SEO strategy that delivers results.

Target Logics’s team has been successfully managing the SEO campaigns of the American Marketing Association of Los Angeles Since 2018.

Email Marketing

The majority of business owners lack the time and expertise to craft email marketing strategies that best aligns with their goals.

Target Logic’s team has successfully produced the email marketing campaigns for the American Marketing Association of Los Angeles since 2018.

Webinar Marketing

Most business owners don’t have the time and expertise to strategize, produce and market webinars that maximize results.

Target Logic’s team has been successfully producing effective webinars for the American Marketing Association of Los Angeles since 2018.

Web Design & Programming

Many business owners experience a decline in sales during an economic downturn.

At Target Logic, we have the experience and the knowledge to build highly effective,  state-of-the-art  websites that translate into paying clients.

Programmatic Advertising

Google uses page speed as a major ranking factor. We test your website speed on several speed testing platforms and we come up with recommendations on how to fix your speed delays if your site has any.