Industry: Insurance Services
Bolton & Company

President and CEO

“Target Logic led by Stephen Gorgey generated remarkable results in our new product niche.

Inquiries from their internet marketing skills have multiplied our opportunities and even generated international leads. Revenue has increased accordingly.

I Highly recommend Stephen and his firm for staying on top of changing marketing trends”

Industry: Insurance Services
Poms & Associates

Liability Insurance Agent

“Since hiring Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic 18 months ago, our business has experienced a significant increase.

We now receive daily phone calls and emails from all over the world, thanks to their amazing marketing expertise.

We highly recommend Stephen and his company as skilled professionals in the field.”

Industry: Insurance Services
Metro Mutual Insurance

President and CEO

“Stephen and his team are phenomenal. They pushed me to the first page of Google for several key terms.

I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the insurance industry.”

Captain Tim Krailo, Recruiter for American Eagle Airlines , the Largest Domestic Airline Carrier in the World

Industry: Airline Carrier
American Airlines

Vice President, Recruiting

“Target Logic’s services have exponentially increased my reach and exposure to prospective recruits.

As a result, it attracted twice as many qualified recruits. It dramatically leveraged my recruiting dollar, enhanced my company’s image, and created more enthusiasm for American Eagle Airlines.”

Industry: Apparel
Canyon Beachwear

President and CEO

“Our website sales doubled in the first thirty days.”

I would highly recommend Stephen and his company Target Logic to anyone who would like to boost their web-based earnings. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Madelyn Alfano, of Maria's Italian Kitchen

Industry: Restaurant
Maria’s Italian Kitchen

President and CEO

I’m Madelyn Alfano, CEO of Maria’s Italian Kitchen. I Hired Target Logic to boost our online visibility for our catering services.

They created landing pages for terms like ‘wedding catering Los Angeles.

Within two months, 12 out of 14 targeted keywords ranked on Google’s first page.

I highly recommend Target Logic to any business who needs online marketing services.

Industry: Gift Baskets
Wine Country Gift Baskets

Vice President Marketing

We hired Target Logic to sell our gingerbread houses over the Holiday Season.

In Only two weeks we sold 800 units. We highly recommend Target Logic if you need help with your ecommerce site.


Philip Moreau, cookiegallery.com

Industry: Legal
Mittelman Law Firm

Attorney at Law and CEO

“I really admire and appreciate your skill and effort on this project. Stephen… seriously, I know I can be very particular, but you’ve done an amazing and WONDERFUL job!”

John Mittelman, Attorney at Mittelmanlawfirm.com

Industry: Health Care
California Dental Association

Vice President, Marketing

“We are extremely pleased with the commercial Target Logic produced for us.

The video is clean and professional and moves from topic to topic seamlessly.

If your company is looking for a fresh idea that will help attract clients to your business, I’d recommend that you use Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic for your strategic Internet consulting needs.”

Industry: Health care
Dash Diet

Boston University School of Medicine
Dash Diet Research Chairman

“I’m Dr. Tom Moore, from Boston University Medical Center.

Thanks to Target Logic’s services, our first year of business exceeded expectations.

I highly recommend them for anyone starting an internet business to improve client and profit optimization.”

Dr. Tom Moore, Boston University Associate Provost and President of DashForHealth.com

Industry: Health
OceanView Medical

Medical Director and CEO

“After 3 months, Our call volume has doubled. 

I highly recommend Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to any medical professional who needs to increase their practice”

Industry: Health Care
Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Medical Director and CEO

“After only four months my call volume has increased by 700%.

I highly recommend Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to anyone who needs to increase their online visibility and call volume.”

Industry: IT
ISComp Systems

Marketing Director

“Target Logic increased our client’s traffic, leading to steady monthly sales growth.

I Highly recommend Stephen Gorgey and Target Logic for their out-of-the-box digital marketing strategies.”

Industry: Binding Products

President and CEO

“After only one month of applying strategic Internet marketing techniques, Target Logic has saved my company $89,275 which represents a 38% savings.

I highly recommend Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to any company who needs to increase their digital marketing’s profitability.”

Susan Oslin, UX Architect and Datainspired Product Lead

Industry: Creative Design
Suzan Oslin

Creative Director & CEO

“Stephen really goes to bat for his clients. What he delivers exceeds expectation and he leaves no stone unturned. He is knowledgeable and passionate—a great addition for the execution of any internet business strategy.”

Industry:Hair Product Manufacturing
Batia & Aleeza

Marketing Director

“Our company’s revenues have grown 179% within one year due to inbound calls. 

We have been very, very happy to be working with Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic.”